Bhopal News: Child thief told to helper on social media

Bhopal. A child thief’s message was going viral on social media yesterday, taking prompt action by the police, the matter was confirmed by DCP Zone 1 Sai Krishna from police station Jahangirabad, in which it was found that the person with whom the child is seen, he Not a thief! Rather helpful, the boy had forgotten the way home. On seeing the said person on the child, he interrogated the child and started helping him in finding the family of the child. Meanwhile, people felt that if the child is crying, then somewhere this child may be a thief. By taking a photo of the child with the said person without the truth, people had made the rumored fake message viral on social media, which turned out to be completely fake.

will take legal action
Bhopal Police has an appeal to all citizens, please verify it thoroughly before forwarding any rumored message, otherwise legal action will be taken.

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